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MUF Report

Automated Report on Current Australian Ionospheric Conditions

(last updated 23 May 2015 13:01 UT)

Australian Region conditions at: 1300 UT 23/05/15 Station Vertcial Maximum Usable Frequencies (MUFs) - average over last 2 hours ===================================================================================== Brisbane : near normal Canberra : near normal Cocos Is : enhanced by 16% Darwin : depressed by -43% Hobart : depressed by -18% Learmonth : no vertical MUF data. Niue Is : near normal Norfolk Is : no vertical MUF data. Perth : depressed by -21% Sydney : near normal Townsville : no vertical MUF data. ========================================================================================= Antarctic Station Vertcial Maximum Usable Frequencies (MUFs) - average over last 4 hours ========================================================================================= Casey : enhanced by 30% Davis : depressed by -33% Macquarie Is : depressed by -24% Mawson : no vertical MUF data or possible ionospheric absorption. Scott Base : enhanced by 22% ==================================================================== Note: autoscaled data is used to produce this report. Antarctic region autoscaled data can be inaccurate. Please check online ionograms to confirm conditions. MUFs within 15% of monthly predicted values are described as normal.

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