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Online Tools

Prediction Tools

IPS provides the following online prediction tools. Your feedback is welcome.

Tool Description
Combined HF Prediction HAP, Min-Max HAP, URSL, GRAFEX, Air Route, RAAF Air Route, LAMP and Frequency selection.
Digital HF Prediction Reliability and other features of digital HF radio.
VHF/UHF Area Prediction Calculates and displays RF signal loss for VHF/UHF (30MHz - 3GHz).

Click on the each tool's Help button for more detailed information on how to operate the tool. You can request additional HAP charts or website modifications by emailing office@ips.gov.au.

The Combined HF Prediction tool brings together new versions of some previous tools. The old versions of these tools are still available, but will be removed at some later date:

Old Tool (to be removed) Description
Hourly Area Prediction Hourly Area Prediction (HAP). A base to area HF prediction of the optimum working frequency, for each UT hour.
Min-Max (Area of Coverage) HAP Minimum to maximum area of coverage prediction for each frequency in the set, for a given UT hour.
URSL Point to point HF prediction, listing the Upper, Recommended, Secondary and Lower (URSL) HF frequencies.
GRAFEX Prediction Detailed HF point to point prediction, including the ALF, OWF for each hour, and take-off angles.
Air Route Chart HF prediction for communication between a base and an aircraft.
RAAF Air Route Chart HF prediction for communication between a base and a transport aircraft from a list of routes.
Local Area Mobile Prediction Local Area Mobile Prediction (LAMP) is for HF communication within 1000km of a selected location
HF Network Frequency Selection Given a set of HF network circuits, selects recommended frequencies for long term HF operation.


For more detailed HF predictions including field strength predictions, you can purchase the IPS Advanced Stand Alone Prediction System. The IPS Ground Wave prediction System (GWPS), which estimates ground wave range values under specified ground and operating conditions is also available for purchase. For more details on these software packages see:


Most of these tools are Java applets. If they do not display properly, there might be a problem with Java in your browser. You can:

  • test that Java is working correctly
  • download and install the latest version of Java
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