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Tuesday, Jul 29 2014 12:44 UT

Ionospheric Irregularities

Australian scintillation observations

Product Description

This display is derived from IPS Ionospheric Scintillation Monitor (ISM) sites in Darwin, Weipa, Willis Island and Macquarie Island. Scintillation data from each GPS satellite traced is mapped to the approximate location at which the line of site pierces the ionosphere at 400km. The colours show the 80th percentile of the S4 index over 15 minute intervals and the size of the plot marker indicates the age of the data, with the most recent data shown with larger dots. Scintillation above an S4 index of around 0.3 may begin to interfere with satellite communication and navigation and values above 0.6 may have severe effects.

Target Users

Include industries relying on high-accuracy GNSS positioning: agriculture, surveying, construction, drilling

Data Source

IPS Ionospheric Scintillation monitors


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