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Culgoora Observatory


Culgoora Observatory

The Culgoora Solar Observatory is located 25 km west of the town of Narrabri, in north-west New South Wales. The observatory conducts continuous optical and radio observations of the sun every day of the year.

Observing instrumentation includes:

  • a 12 cm solar telescope fitted with an hydrogen-alpha filter, used to observe solar flares and other phenomena
  • a 30 cm heliostat, used to observe sunspot evolution
  • a solar radiospectrograph which sweeps through a frequency range of 18 - 1800 MHz every three seconds, used to monitor solar radio bursts

Regular reports and forecasts of solar activity are transmitted to the Australian Space Forecast Centre in Sydney and are disseminated to similar organisations internationally. Particularly significant solar outbursts are reported to a wide range of interested parties around the world within minutes of their occurrence.

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