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HF Radio Course

To increase the value of IPS services to our customers, IPS Radio and Space Services offers one day courses on HF radio propagation. Courses can be tailored to suit the audience by emphasising topics of special interest. Participants receive the IPS HF Radio Propagation Course manual.

The scheduled courses consist of four sections:

  1. The ionosphere, its structure and its effect on HF radio propagation.
  2. HF radio propagation via the sky wave.
  3. Disturbances in the Sun-Earth environment and the effects on HF radio propagation.
  4. The IPS web site and predictions.

Further details on course content can be obtained by emailing

Scheduled courses

Scheduled courses may be held in months other than those in the table below. Actual dates for courses are displayed in the table once venues are confirmed, usually about four weeks in advance of a course. At that time, registration forms are then available from this page. If you wish to be notified the dates of scheduled training courses, subscribe to the ips-training list.

2014 May Brisbane (date yet to be set)
September Sydney (date yet to be set)
2015 April Canberra (date yet to be set)
May Adelaide, Perth (dates yet to be set)
September Sydney (date yet to be set)

HF Radio Propagation courses can be presented on request for other locations and dates. See costing below for requested courses.


Costs, including GST are as follows.

Course type Cost (per person per day)
Scheduled courses AUD 190
Requested courses Within Australia, travel expenses and any training room hire plus costs according to numbers. Minimum of 5 people required.

5 to 10 people: AUD 150
11 to 15 people: AUD 150 for first 10 people, then AUD 100
16 or more people: AUD 150 for first 10, AUD 100 for next 5, then AUD 75

Outside Australia, price on application.

HF Radio Propagation/ASAPS Course

Combined HF Radio Propagation/ASAPS courses can be arranged as required. This provides the opportunity to choose areas from the HF Radio Propagation course and ASAPS course that are most relevant. For more details, contact

HF Radio Propagation Material

If unable to attend a course, the HF Radio Propagation manual is available for purchase.

See also the Introduction to HF Radio Propagation (or PDF).

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