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  • 20 Dec 2014 – Daily forecast status indicators for solar, geomagnetic and ionospheric conditions can be Green (normal), Yellow (moderate activity) or Red (disturbed). The IPS Space Weather page shows current conditions.
  • 27 Oct 2014 – ASAPS and GWPS are now installed online. The programs will enter a 7-day trial demo mode if they are not registered. Software patches have been discontinued and installation CDs are no longer available. Extra charges will apply for delivery of software on CDs. More
  • 06 Aug 2014 – A power failure caused by building works resulted in several hardware failures in our server room.Most systems are operational, but some datasets will be unavailable in the short term.
  • 04 Jun 2014 – Cocos (Keeling) Island Ionosonde data flow will be stopped due to replacement of antenna mast. Outage expected to be four days within the next two weeks.
  • 04 Jun 2014 – The Christchurch Ionosonde located at Eyrewell has been decommissioned and put into storage for redeployment at a new site in the region.
  • 29 May 2014 – To raise awareness about space weather and its effects, IPS Radio and Space Services, Bureau of Meteorology, is planning to present a free one-hour information seminar in Brisbane on 25 June 2015. More
  • 29 May 2014 – A one day course about HF Radio Propagation has been planned to be presented in Brisbane on 24 June 2014. The running of the course will be confirmed after completing the registrations. More
  • 27 May 2014 – Space Weather Services Review - Open for feedback - Details at More
  • 20 May 2014 – A new email alert service for adverse ionospheric scintillation conditions in the Australian region is now available. More
  • 01 May 2014 – Images and video available for the all-sky camera installed at Cressy Tasmania. More
  • 14 Apr 2014 – A network outage to is scheduled for 0900UTC for approximately 45 minutes for ISP to carry out essential maintenance.
  • 05 Nov 2013 – Most WDC datasets have been restored. It is estimated that the restore will be complete by Nov 7th.
  • 30 Oct 2013 – The WDC archives are temporarily off-line due to a storage system failure.
  • 06 Jun 2013 – Release of Ground Wave Prediction System (GWPS) Version 4.2 software patch. This patch is free for existing GWPS 4 customers and includes a new retro style file save dialogue to increase the usability of the program under Windows 7. More
  • 01 May 2013 – Pre-release of Advanced Stand Alone Prediction System (ASAPS) Version 6.2 software patch. This patch is free for existing ASAPS 6 customers and includes improvements and bug fixes to increase the usability of the program under Windows 7 and 8. More
  • 27 Mar 2013 – Under severe space weather conditions there is increased risk of impacts to critical infrastructure. These messages are only issued for "high end" events most likely to result in severe space weather. More
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