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Learmonth Observatory

Flare Forecast

(last updated 25 Jul 2014 18:30 UT)

SOLAR DAILY FLARE FORECAST ( >= M class) from HOLLOMAN SPOTS SUMMARY 1445 UT ON 25/07/14 RGN# Class Rate Prob 2119 BXO 0.01 1.0% 2123 DRO 0.03 2.9% 2121 CAC 0.72 51.1% Total regions = 3 Flare Rate = 0.8/day Daily flare probability = 53.0% Flare probabilities from sunspot information are based on a report by Pat Bornmann and D Shaw / SEC Boulder, Active Region Classifications, Complexity and Flare Rates Submitted to IAU Colloquium 133, Eruptive Solar Flares October 1991 Note: USAF Hollaman and San Vito Observatory Sunspot data used during local night hours at Learmonth

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